Indoor Gardening

Wanted to start indoor gardening but didn’t know how? Want to learn how to grow vegetables and herbs inside your house, here’s how.

How to Grow Dill at Home

Dill contains lots of vitamins, which are important for the entire family. In addition, this green herb has an unsurpassed flavor, complementing a variety of dishes. You can grow dill at home, on your windowsill instead of buying it in a supermarket. You can cultivate it by the usual method […]

how to grow dill

how to care for bonsai

How to care for bonsai trees

Art of the bonsai comes from the ancient Orient. Fans of indoor plants were immediately captivated by this unique opportunity – to have a piece of nature in their homes. Born in China and  after reaching perfection in Japan, bonsai became popular all over the world. You can grow this deliciously […]