How to Plant Fruit Trees

how to plant fruit trees

When you start learning about how to plant fruit trees, the most important thing is choosing the right place to plant. One thing that you have to think about is its proximity to a building, an electric line, a sidewalk, or any other thing that might disturb its growing process. Once you have planted the fruit tree, chances of digging it up and changing its spot without killing it are very slim. Therefore, you must always be sure you know which size of a fruit tree you want to have (dwarf, semi-dwarf, or standard) and how big it will end up once it is fully grown.

  • Dwarf trees need an area with at least an eight-foot diameter to grow.
  • Semi-dwarf fruit trees can grow up to fifteen feet wide.
  • Standard fruit trees can grow as wide as thirty feet.

To keep the size of your fruit tree(s) at whatever height that is best for you, make sure to prune them at least once a year.

Another thing that you have to think about when planting a fruit tree is if it is getting the sunlight it needs to survive. But you also have to make sure it doesn’t get too much sunlight. If your tree isn’t getting just the right amount of sun, it will die. Make sure that you do not plant it where the sunlight can be blocked by something. Also, make sure that it isn’t consistently getting hit by the sun at every moment of the day. Either of these can be disastrous to the tree.

An important thing to keep in mind while choosing a place for your tree is whether it will be a convenient spot to water, harvest, and prune. A place that would not be a good idea to plant a fruit tree is too close to your house or your fence. Any of these could get in the way of the harvesting and pruning process. If your tree grows over the fence the fruit might drop into your neighbor’s yard, which sometimes seems like a nice thing but could probably offend some people. You should also plant your tree where it will be easy to water it later on; if you have a sprinkler system in your yard you might want to put your tree where the sprinkler could reach it. If you do not have a sprinkler system, you should plant the tree within reach of your hose.  

One of the most important things to keep in mind when planting a fruit tree is whether the soil in your yard is suitable for the tree. You have to make sure that it has enough nutrients, moisture, there is proper water drainage so that your tree doesn’t drown, and it is the right texture. If your soil doesn’t have these your tree won’t grow well or produce good fruit. You can always adjust your soil to be better for your tree. One of the ways that you can find out what kind of soil you have is by taking a sample and taking it to the lab. It may be expensive, but they are able to test it for what nutrients it has the most of. You’ll get the results back in a few days. If your soil is low in nutrients, you can go to your local store that sells gardening supplies, and get fertilizer according to what your soil lacks in.

After you have looked at all of these things, you are finally ready to choose what kind of fruit tree you want and get ready to plant. When you are choosing your tree, keep in mind the spot you picked and get the tree that is best for that spot. The worst thing that can happen is putting in the time and money into growing a tree, and end up having to remove it because of bad planning.


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